Guinevere's Dream Costume - Gwendolen Style
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Please note that we are no longer able to provide "in-house" custom embroidery in our creations.
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This is a fantasy medieval style gown. 

This is a semi-fitted style of gown flaring from the hip and is always laced at the back.

As with many of our designs, this style can be made with a wide range of different sleeve types and neck-lines.

Gwendolen 1
Fabrics used: Velvet and Brade

Gwendolen 2
Fabrics used: Patterned Taffeta and Braid

Gwendolen 3
Fabrics used: Medium weight Silk, Organza and braid

Gwendolen 3

Gwendolen 4
Fabrics used: Brocade and Satin

Gwendolen 4

Gwendolen 5
Fabrics used: Satin and Brocade

Gwendolen 6
Fabrics used: Velvet and Brocades


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